Landscape Weed Control

Controlling weeds in your landscaping can be a challenging job that can overwhelming at times. We offer an option that allows 1-2 applications to your existing landscaping to prevent weeds from germinating throughout the course of the season. We use a combination of selective and non-selective products that are applied using granular and liquid techniques. Our applications work best with clean and open landscaping areas that have existing rocks or mulch. We do our applications in the early spring and a repeat application is available mid-summer.

Common Question

  1. I have weeds in my landscaping; will you clean it out with your application?
    • Our application is designed to prevent weeds from germinating and does not work well to clean out a weed - filled bed. Please contact one of our recommended contractors to get your landscaping cleaned out and ready for an application.
  2. Do you do any landscaping installation or plant management?
    • We do not offer any installation or regular maintenance other than preventative weed control. Please see our preferred contractors for your other needs.