Protect your lawn from grub damage

Grubs feed on the roots of your lawn. Grubs have a small window of activity in the early summer, but the majority of grub damage is in the late summer to early fall. If you have a history of grub problems or would like to prevent any future damage we recommend doing an early summer application that provides season long protection. If you already have grub activity that needs treated, please contact us immediately so that we can identify and correct the problem with a rescue treatment.

Example of grub damage areas:

  1. Preventative Grub Control
    • Season long protection applied in the early summer
    • Guaranteed both by manufacturer and us to prevent grub damage
    • Grub control applications should be watered in
  2. Curative Grub Application
    • Treat and stop grub activity
    • 30 day residual
    • Should be watered in

Common Question

  1. Does grub control prevent moles?
    • While moles feed on grubs, applying grub control does not target or prevent all mole activity.
    • We recommend baiting or trapping moles.
  2. Why do I have grubs? Where do they come from?
    • Grubs are beetle larva and naturally populate most lawns. Grubs tend to prefer healthier lawns that provide a dense root system to feed on.